We make sure your communication activities do the job. Short term, long term and on budget.

Investor Relations

IR is built long-term. It is about creating credibility behind the management’s vision and creating awareness of the company’s brand as an investment. Good products and services are of course important, but so much more come into play that needs to be dealt with. New rules and codes where no mistakes are accepted and so many new possibilities that must be considered.

Public Relations

PR today means that information about products, services, people, investment opportunities and more reaches customers, investors, suppliers and staff via a large variety of channels. Both via traditional and social media.
Behind the PR work there is often a thorough research to find ways to build your reputation in the right places for the right people.


Coordinated communication in different channels give a much better result than individual activities. We help you choose an effective and powerful combination of news, marketing communications and information in your own channels for best “bang for the buck”.

Advisors that also do the job

We have both large and small companies among our clients. Our broad expertise in investor relations and strategic communication makes us particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. Companies that often already are listed or on their way to the stock exchange. We can act as part of the clients’ organization with our knowledge and resources to carry out activities. A ready-made team that knows the tasks and can create results from day one.

We are fortunate to have long client relationships which is a good platform for success. That give us the opportunity to challenge and question old truths, not to change everything but to find new and relevant communication solutions. There are so many exciting opportunities today.

Partners at Oxenstierna Kommunikation

16 Oxkom. Aug 2023-

Anna Oxenstierna

Anna works mainly with strategic and financial communication as well as with Investor Relations.

Cecilia Schröder​​

Cecilia is art director and works with design, both in physical and digital media.

20 Oxkom. Aug 2023-

Mats Renée​

Mats works with marketing communication at group level and project management of communication projects.

30 Oxkom. Aug 2023-

Johan Wedin

Johan is a project manager and IR consultant and works with financial reporting and regulations.

6 Oxkom. Aug 2023-

Martin Bunge-Meyer

Martin works with strategic communication and IR consulting. He has previously led the work with communications at Betsson, Vitamin Well and King Digital.

Our coworkers

Anneli Kamlin

Civ Ek HHS, writer and communicator

Christian Hall

Civ Ek HHS and analyst for 20 years who switched to IR

Claudia Lluvara

Production designer and specialist on the Financial Statement section

Patrik Oscarsson

Graphic designer

Anette Andersson

Graphic designer